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Magic touch of female hands are able to raise a man to the top of bliss and give an invitation to paradise. Erotic massage perfectly relieves stress and can not be compared even with sex. From the aroma of massage oil will go heavy thoughts, and the heat of the female body will ignite the fire of passion, even tired after working man. Love yourself, and do not deny yourself in this wonderful, enjoyable and rewarding pleasure massage! Visit the best erotic massage in Vladivostok and get unforgettable experiences!

Classic massage

Even in ancient Rome noticed, regular sessions of classical massage has beneficial effects on the whole organism, strengthen the immune system and the nervous system. Classic massage will always keep your body in good shape. Classical massage - the constant companion of a healthy body. Classic massage - a holiday for your body! And if it performs pretty naked girl, it becomes also a feast for the soul.
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Body massage

What is a body massage? The name already speaks for itself. Massage is performed naked damsels. The session begins with the classical massage smoothly into the erotic massage . Once your body is completely relaxed by kneading, pressing, rubbing, stroking that make up the classic massage. In a beautiful, slow dance, the masseuse puts on his body, and then your body oil that makes your skin divinely soft as a baby! She starts to slide his body, chest, belly, popochkoy your body. The erotic euphoria you plunge into the world of new unknown feelings and emotions. At the peak of your desires dignity volcano explodes and waves of ecstasy enveloping your body ... you are drowning in bliss and rest ... Look for the best body massage in Vladivsotok? You found it!
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Thai massage

Thai massage , especially by attractive young women masseuses, is extremely pleasant, thrilling, relaxing massage technique. It includes some of the classic massage techniques, as well as methods of Oriental massage techniques - soft stretching, elements of passive yoga, squeezing and pressing certain points on the periphery power lines along which flows the life force of the body. Disease and pain occur as a result of stagnation and imbalance of vital energy. This procedure removes power units and stimulates the activation of the body's natural potential for improvement himself. Therefore, the main purpose of this massage - to help you restore bodily and spiritual harmony, balance and health of the body, soul and spirit, relieve stress, improve overall body tone.
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Tantric massage

Tantric massage - this is one of the areas of Indian yoga. The main feature and unusual ritual is genital massage . Also stimulate all erogenous zones. Massage manipulations performed naked masseuses bodies with oils and incense. Massage passes under a pleasant and relaxing music. One of the functions of massage is to enhance perception, unlock the touch of the "civilized" man. In the crazy rhythm of the modern world, we completely forget about yourself. Tantric massage will turn our attention to the whole universe of sensations of the body and will give you the sea off allowances.
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Sports massage

Anyone who feels their physical abilities, engaging in active sports, playing active games from time to time suffer from muscle cramps and overexertion. This type of massage , more intense and deep, designed to relax muscles, improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility, relieve muscle pain. The rate of muscle recovery after sports massage is increased by several times!
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Sports massage improves blood circulation, giving your muscles the necessary nutrients and oxygen, then the muscle relaxes and thus passes muscle spasm and stiffness, which causes pain.

Lesbian Show

Surely you wanted to see with my own eyes how two divinely beautiful girls caress each other. Erotic massage salon high level "FourRooms" gives you the opportunity to not only watch, but to participate in this wonderful show. There is nothing more beautiful than two pretty girls, giving excitement to each other. Delicate and passionate kisses, caresses, hugs... By observing and taking part in a game, you feel like a sultan. Fascinating spectacle lesbian show help rejuvenate and recharge your body with positive feelings and emotions. Soft music, dim lights of candles and relaxed atmosphere will help you to make a reality all your unrealized mechty.Chto could be more fascinating, erotic and liberated than Lesbian show? most memorable, most realistic Lesbian Show in Vladivostok.
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Aqua-foam massage

Feel like a real master of the elements using Aqua Foam massage at the best erotic massage salon in Vladivostok ! Tenderness is not only in the actions of beauty, which will be on During the whole massage, caress your body in foam vonnoy, slipping his twists and charms along your body, gently touching and giving sharp sensations, but also in an environment that will surround you all the time! Pleasant flickering candles, sweet spices, aromatic oils and subtle aroma emanating from the body of the woman complements relaxing music.
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Massage for couples

Couples Massage : Fulfilling the massage , our masters cloud envelop the sweetest caresses not only each partner individually, as well as to both the man and the woman got a in the enjoyment of massage unity . This is a very delicate moment, a difficult technique to learn to not be trite, we need a special talent. Kudesnitsa best erotic massage salon in Vladivostok , will be able to release from each partner powerful sexual energy, and most importantly, direct it so that the energy flows eroticheskogo excitation men and women differed in their hand, and began to counter and merged together. This is achieved and the miraculous effect that gives you the right massage for couples.
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Massage for ladies

The special program for women, which will perform at your discretion a naked girl, young man or two, or a girl with a boy - this you can choose for yourself, at your discretion. The basis of this program is body massage , mainly focuses on the caresses of the erogenous zones and genitals. This is an extremely exciting action that can not forget any girl, she decided to try it! Professional masseurs our salon , help gain such a sensation that not every girl or woman could feel a simple man who is not trained this magnificent art that can give a woman real pleasure. professionalism of our masseuses and masseurs leaves only the best reviews, the desire to come to us again and again because of the excitement that receives a visitor, the effect of the process can be unpredictable ... The rapid rush of emotions and at the same time calm and remote from everyday concerns - will give an unforgettable experience, a state of euphoria and ease, every girl deserves a try, what we can offer ... Ladies, pamper itself an unforgettable experience that will give you prestigious erotic massage salon in Vladivostok !
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Striptease - one of the varieties of erotic dance. Passionate beauty give you an unforgettable show that can cause a flurry of indescribable pleasant emotions and passions, which in turn overwhelmed inner peace while watching this colorful presentation. Only salon of erotic massage "FourRooms" you can see the enchanting dance that will not leave anyone indifferent soul nor body. best striptease in Vladivostok!
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Shower cocktail

Also, you will not leave indifferent erotic bathing. She not only helps you to take a shower - it lathers you and begins to caress his whole body. As if acting as mochalochki. Without attention there will be no one centimeter of your body. This piquant beginning lets you tune into session of erotic massage , but if you want - get erotic satisfaction at the very beginning the massage.
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