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For a strong and resilient male body, feminine touch and affection has always been, is and will be a charge of energy and a source of pleasure. Erotic massage for men - this is true relaxation, because it will touch the great, slender and beautiful girl, which his velvet and delicate skin will experience all the cells in the body of a man. Massaging her beautiful breasts, firm ass and tummy courageous and strong body of men, our masseuses will bring heavenly udovolstvie.V normal massage program, worth 5000r. (1 hour) includes the classic (20 min), relaxing (20 minutes) and erotic body massage with a relaxation.
For gentle and graceful female body, the male touch and affection has always been, is and will be a charge of energy and a source of pleasure. Erotic massage for women - is a true relaxation, after touching it will be a beautiful and powerful program muzhchina.V conventional massage, worth 200$. (1 hour) includes the classic (20 min), relaxing (20 minutes) and erotic body massage.
It includes classic and erotic body massage + whirlpool. When we go to the cinema, to great effect put on 3D glasses, and peace on the other side of the screen gets closer and more real, three-dimensional characters, the actions more revealing, explosions and special effects excite the blood in the veins - here it is full of thrills! The full effect of the presence, like all facets of reality revealed in front of you. Approximately the same scheme works in a massage parlor, to experience the most exquisite pleasure, to become a full participant in the action. It is important to not only take but also to give emotions. In this case, you will be able to get close to the perfect harmony of body and soul. And the best way possible, by this fit the so-called holistic massage, which includes both classical and erotic body massage, but with one significant addition: Romantic evening in the jacuzzi with candles and a bottle of sparkling wine as a gift and a splendid conversationalist, you never forget
If you are accustomed to getting pleasure with the prefix "extra." That VIP Program - this is your option! You used to get the most out of any situation, and exchanged for something else is clearly not for you. Therefore, we offer services of the highest rank, for the most respectable gentlemen. Just imagine - the two brightest hour VIP massage with fascinating beauties who can turn the head of anyone. In this atmosphere the most, that neither is befitting for such entertainment. Jacuzzi to the brim filled with foam, pleasant fragrance and candle light glow. And the goddess in front of you will be able to please not only the gentle touches, but a striptease, which make the hair on the back of his head began to move, so that there to be honest and not only them. Then the action moves to the massage room and affect new strings of your soul. accompanied by two beauties at the same time. And the procedure itself will last two and two and a half hours. Besides, you will get an unforgettable lesbian show and believe me, it is worth seeing, and that is to participate! You still think, but our young ladies have been waiting master, which they cover with their warmth and passion! We are looking forward to seeing you at our institution, and it is possible you will become our regular customer. The program includes a jacuzzi with candles and an hour in the massage room with two charming masseuses
Massage for couples: Fulfilling this massage, our masters cloud envelop the sweetest caresses not only each partner individually, as well as to both the man and the woman got into enjoying massage unity. This is a very delicate moment, a difficult technique to learn to not be trite, we need a special talent. Girl of best erotic massage salon in Vladivostok, will be able to release from each partner powerful sexual energy, and most importantly, direct it so that the energy flows erotic excitement, men and women did not differ in the side and began to counter and merged together. This is achieved and the miraculous effect that gives you the right massage for couples.
The special program for women, which will perform at your discretion a naked girl, young man or two, or a girl with a boy - this you can choose for yourself, at your discretion. The basis of this program is body massage primarily focuses on the caresses of the erogenous zones and genitals. This is an extremely exciting action that can not forget any girl, she decided to try it! Professional masseurs our salon, will help gain such a sensation that not every girl or woman could feel a simple man who is not trained this magnificent art that can give a woman real pleasure. The professionalism of our masseuses and masseurs leaves only the best reviews, the desire to come to us again and again because of the excitement that gets the visitor, the effect of the process can be unpredictable ... The rapid rush of emotions and at the same time calm and remote from everyday concerns - present an unforgettable experience, a state of euphoria and ease, every girl deserves a try, what we can offer ...
Entry into the world of wonderful sensations serve warm shower, cocktail, which will offer you receive, as well as a gel applied to the skin, giving your body a delicate flavor and velvety. Help you will be called a beautiful nymph with a gorgeous body, which later will be your masseuse. Taking a shower with the damsels, you can enjoy the view of her body bends and even be able to touch the track left by drops of water on her lovely tummy. The fragrance of her skin will help you tune in to a sensual way, and flowing movements designed exclusively for you, will give pleasant moments of pleasure. You will then be carried out in a room where will be presented with an unforgettable lap dance, performed by girls with choreographic preparation! Then you lie down on a soft bed surrounded by twilight and relaxing music, creates a unique atmosphere for an erotic massage. To relax your tense body, she kneaded your body classic massage techniques. Then, when muscles will be in blissful relaxation, the time comes to sensual pleasure - it will give you a perfect body massage girls. Writhing, she will touch her soft breasts to your back, legs, buttocks. Moreover, her buttocks, thighs and tummy, too, will not leave you without attention and will give your body a fantastic touch. Her tender body will give you an unforgettable fireworks of emotions, caressing you with tenderness and passion. You seem to merge into a single whole and feel the passion and poignancy of feelings, at the height that you feel over the body bliss and relaxation. At the end of this program, you have a warm shower, cocktail party, where she gently relieve you from the smell of oil and residues of water droplets)

Basic massage services

Shower-Cocktail with girl (15 min) 100$ Order
Full body massage (1 hour) 200$ Order
Full body massage for women
(1 girl, 1 hour)
200$ Order
Full body massage for women
(1 man, 1 hour)
220$ Order
VIP massage №1 (1 girl, 2-2.5 hours) 200$ Order
VIP massage №2 (2 girl, 2-2.5 hours) 400$ Order
VIP massage №3 (1 girl, 1.5-2 hours) 200$ Order
Massage for couples №1 (1 hour 15 min.) 200$ Order
Massage for women (1 hour) 100$ Order
Rent a room (1 hour) 100$ Order

We work from 11:00 to 23:00

Plunged into an oasis of sensuality and beauty - you can feel the beauty of the erotic massage.

You will not have to visit the strip clubs of Vladivostok, because his unsurpassed will be a wonderful addition to body massage.

Lesbian show will be at least a prelude to sexual erotic massage. Lasky between girls really honest. By selecting this supplement, you can simply contemplate or participate in the love games sexy kitties, fully enjoying this extraordinary and contemplate.

Ordering couples massage , you can feel the fullness sensation together with your loved one, spreading the joy of relaxation and unforgettable ecstasy!