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You were tired of labor everyday life, and you donʼt have enough feeling of a full relax?
You dream to take great pleasure and to relax?
Besides classical massage, you want to receive new unforgettable feelings and pleasure?


Salon of erotic body massage for woman an men

Erotic massageErotic body massage in Four Rooms salon becomes the solution of all these problems. In our salon of erotic massage you will be able to distract from problems, and to plunge into the world of pleasures. Charming girls of our salon of massage by means of the gentle touches will make to you unforgettable erotic massage and will bring you to a true relaxation.


Erotic body massage for men

Erotic body massage for menFor a strong and elastic manʼs body, female touches and caresses always were, is and will be a charge of energy and a pleasure source. Erotic massage for the men is a true relaxation, after all the remarkable, slender and beautiful girl who the velvet and gentle skin will experience all sections on a body of the man will touch it. Massing the fine breast, an elastic bottom and a tummy a courageous and strong body of the man, our girl masseur will give unearthly pleasure. Order

Woman erotic body massage

Woman erotic body massage

ТThe body of the girl needs caresses and gentle touches, also as well as a body of the man. Girls possess powerful internal energy which should be released that it would become even more. To forget about daily cares, problems and affairs erotic massage for the girl will help. You will be able to reach pleasure peak when you will surround with attention, caresses and touches warm and gentle hands of our girl of the masseur, or strong, but in too time tender hands of our young man. During erotic massage, you will feel extremely sexual and attractive, and having reached a sheer pleasure, to you will flow a charge of forces, and powerful energy. Order

Erotic massage for couples (two)

Erotic massage for couples (two)

Two loving people, often look for new feeling and the reasons what to love each other even more strongly. Erotic massage for couple, will allow partners to open new sides in the relations and to reach incredible ecstasy at the same time. Our professional masseurs will help you and to your half completely to relax, massing each muscle, you will feel improbable pleasure. Our magicians masseurs will force your body and each its section to become impregnated with sexual exciting energy. Having reached peak of excitement and inflow of forces, beautiful girls leave you alone with your partner … After erotic massage for couples, the wave of rough emotions will gush over you, you will open in your partner new sides and you will become still closer to each other. Order

The lesbian show with erotic girls

The lesbian show with erotic girls
You can embody your dreams in reality, watching the lesbian show between two beautiful and incredibly girls. Two young erotic girls will gently caress each other and to give unimaginable excitement, you will be able not only to watch at this unforgettable lesbian show, but also to take part in enchanting representation. Feel as two girls will give you pleasure by the erotic show, while doing you fantastic massage. What can be finer than sexy young and erotic girls who bring each other to pleasure peak? This erotic representation will fill you with magic energy and sexuality, and your imaginations become reality.

Advantages of erotic massage in "Four Rooms" salon

эAdvantages of erotic massageIn our salon you receive the best erotic massage; you feel all subtleties of the highest pleasure. Beautiful erotic girls, who will bring you indisputable pleasure work for us, will help to relax, and to be filled with the new force and energy. Our girls master of massage are always well-groomed, from them blows as female sexuality and beauty, they are gentle and kind to all clients. In salon of erotic massage “Four Rooms” always sterile purity, fantastic atmosphere and benevolent personnel. Order


 How to order erotic massage

You can order erotic massage, by use online chat, or call according to number specified in contacts. Our employees will tell everything to you about the best erotic massage in Vladivostok, and will write down for time suitable for you. Order

Prices of erotic massage

Our prices of erotic massage wonʼt be compared to that pleasure and unearthly pleasure which you derive for this money. After all that pleasure which you find in our salon, you will be similar to paradise on the earth.
Стоимость наших услуг:

Erotic body massage for men From 100$
Erotic massage for couples (two) From 100$
VIP massage From 200$

Customer feedback

Katya 27 years and Kirill 35 years:
эротический массажOnce, I decided to give a gift to the husband and I will order a session of erotic massage for couple. I am having read various descriptions about procedure of erotic massage for two, I thought that it is those feelings which are necessary to our couple. Certainly, to go for massage with my partner it was a little terrible and disturbing; after all body of ma husband would be touched and massaged by the beautiful girl. But all fears and excitements vanished when the massage session began. Great masseurs – experts, in salon everything is pure and beautiful. We took a bath, relaxed, and the massage session began. At first girls made to us classical weakening massage, and then started erotic massage. What it is improbable feelings, my body simply flared from pleasure and desire. And the most important, I at all wasn?t jealous the husband, after all it was so pleasant to observe how I and he derive pleasure from a relaxation. Having brought us to the highest point of excitement, the girl very tactfully and accurately left us together. Session of erotic massage for two mass of unearthly pleasure, we opened in each other new sides, now our intimate life became even more saturated and pleasant.

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